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Cape Cod Church
805 Teaticket Hwy
East Falmouth, MA  02536
Phone: 508-540-6884
Cape Cod Church, Falmouth Entertainment    
Christ Lutheran Church
485 Brick Kiln Rd
Falmouth, MA  02540
Phone: 508-548-5689
Christ Lutheran Church, Falmouth Entertainment    
Church of the Messiah
22 Church St
Woods Hole, MA  02543
Phone: 508-548-2145
Church of the Messiah, Falmouth Entertainment    
College Light Opera Company
Highfield Theatre
Falmouth, MA  02541
Phone: 508-548-0668
College Light Opera Company, Falmouth Entertainment    
Falmouth Baptist Church
60 Central Park Ave
Falmouth, MA  02540
Phone: 508-548-3260
Falmouth Baptist Church, Falmouth Entertainment    
First Congregational Church
68 Main St
Falmouth, MA  02540
Phone: 508-548-3700
First Congregational Church , Falmouth Entertainment    
Route 151 and 28A
North Falmouth, MA  02556
Phone: 508-564-5029
Jillian's, Falmouth Entertainment    
John Wesley United Methodist Church
270 Gifford St
Falmouth, MA  02540
Phone: 508-548-3050
John Wesley United Methodist Church, Falmouth Entertainment    
Liam Maguire's Irish Pub & Restaurant
273 Main Street
Falmouth, MA  02540
Phone: 508-548-0285
Liam Maguire's Irish Pub & Restaurant, Falmouth Entertainment    
North Falmouth Congregational Church
155 Old Main Rd
North Falmouth, MA  02556
Phone: 508-563-2177
North Falmouth Congregational Church , Falmouth Entertainment    
Quarterdeck Restaurant
164 Main Street
Falmouth, MA  02540
Phone: 508-548-9900
Quarterdeck Restaurant, Falmouth Entertainment    
St Barnabas Memorial Church
91 W Main St
Falmouth, MA  02540
Phone: 508-548-3863
St Barnabas Memorial Church, Falmouth Entertainment    
The Boat House at Pier
88 Scranton Ave
Falmouth, MA  02540
Phone: 508-388-7573
The Boat House at Pier, Falmouth Entertainment    
The British Beer Company
263 Grand Avenue
Falmouth, MA  02540
Phone: 508-540-9600
The British Beer Company, Falmouth Entertainment    
The Cape Cod Theatre Project
Falmouth Academy, 7 Highfield Drive
Falmouth, MA  02540
Phone: 508-457-4242
The Cape Cod Theatre Project, Falmouth Entertainment    
The Conference Table
205 Worcester Ct
Falmouth, MA  02540
Phone: 508-540-7136
The Conference Table, Falmouth Entertainment    
Towne Tavern
360 Main St
Falmouth, MA  02540
Phone: 508-548-9422
Towne Tavern, Falmouth Entertainment    
Waquoit Congregational Church
15 Parsons Ln
East Falmouth, MA  02536
Phone: 508-548-5269
Waquoit Congregational Church, Falmouth Entertainment    
West Falmouth United Methodist Church
636 W Falmouth Hwy
West Falmouth, MA  02574
Phone: 508-548-0011
West Falmouth United Methodist Church, Falmouth Entertainment    
Woods Hole Theater Company
68 Water Street
Woods Hole, MA  02543
Phone: 508-540-6525
Woods Hole Theater Company, Falmouth Entertainment    

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